Top ten reasons to know if you are a redneack

Top 10 Reasons to Know You’re a Redneck 

1. Your dog rides in your truck more than your husband. 
2. You wear specific hats to farm sales, livestock auctions, customer appreciation 
suppers, and vacations. 
3. You have ever had to wash off in the backyard with a garden hose before your 
grandma would let you in the house. 
4. You’ve never thrown away a 5-gallon bucket. 
5. You can remember the fertilizer rate, seed population, herbicide rate and yields 
on a farm you rented 10 years ago, but cannot recall your wife’s birthday. 
6. You have used a velvet leaf plant as toilet paper. 
7. You have driven off the road while examining your neighbors crops. 
8. You have borrowed gravel from the county road to fill potholes in your driveway. 
9. You have buried a dog and cried like a baby. 
10. You’ve used the same knife to make bull